September 21, 2019

EyeCatch HandShape is up for the Challenge

With all challenges we learn something. We become stronger, improve abilities or wiser. Though learning something, sometimes the challenges are pretty unpleasant. But once in a while a challenge is downright enjoyable and satisfying; putting a smile on our face. There are not many ways to combine a hand and eye coordination practice as well as analysis and discernment by the brain. Especially something you can do relaxed and in a group of people of drastically different ages or different languages. EyeCatch HandShape is up for the challenge. Play it with your kids, your friends or your mom. You can even play alone. Six different options for play to fit all. Try it out! Start with Level I, a single symbol on a card to decipher and form with the hands. The other players watch carefully to figure out if any cards in their hand matches what has been created live. There are 2 pages of examples and guides to get the idea. While there’s sometimes a few ways to show a symbol, think about the most clear and simple representation for the WATCHER to see.
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