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Level I

Level I has a single symbol on each card and is the least challenging to start with. Get your eyes, hands and brain used to the basics of how to set up your hands to match or draw the symbol. It is an exercise in deciphering with 2 full page instructions and examples for clarity.

Level II

Level II cards have 2 symbols per card and adds a degree of complexity. More careful analysis is needed to distinguish similar shapes that are formed very differently on the hands. That in turn adds challenge to the visual perception of what you are seeing on another players hands. Additionally, since there are 2 symbols, both must match in order to make a pair. 2 page instructions and examples included.

Level IIa

Level IIa is the most challenging, for 3 skills are being put to the test. Although still only 2 symbols per card, many similar symbols must be distinguished and shown uniquely. Also more demanding of your visual spatial interpreting to recognize left vs right orientation. 2 page instructions and examples included.

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