Environment makes a huge impact on viewpoint about trying new game
November 30, 2019
ECHS at Bookman’s
December 27, 2019

We started with 3 and Resident C played for a while but said her back hurt too much to keep sitting at the table. She could actually play the game itself rather than flash card style so that was a bummer that she dropped out.  

The two that compliment each other, the Russian man who loves apples and eats them to the slightest of cores, and the once very mischievous Lady F

They both did great and I could see Resident R really improving and trying to figure each out himself.  Very engaged. Very funny too. I was genuinely amused with both of their witty jokes and perspective. Resident R was bargaining by agreeing to try the 3rd level if he was given another apple…He played anyway.  Lady F pretended to cuss then yell out “woops I caught myself.”  Clever.  Her grin and laugh so innocent.

Then I was asking Russian Resident R to show me a “one” hand and he said “I”m already using 2 hands”.  Good one. Wonder if he was often cracking jokes 20 years ago. 

We finished Level I, Level II, and half way through Level IIa!  They had enough of concentrating and trying by then, since Level II and IIa both have 2 symbols.  I am hoping we can get waivers signed next week so I can feature the two of them in pictures and videos.    

I noticed that many handshapes actually involved shoulders quite a bit.  Hmm…hadn’t realized that, mine don’t hurt. They keep teaching me as I teach them. 

Creator of EyeCatch HandShape card challenge.
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