Observations of senior citizens playing EyeCatch HandShape Level I
November 24, 2019
The Seniors are fun
December 24, 2019

       A Russian man was resistant to play and in the typical senior answer, told me soon after sitting down that this doesn’t interest him and he’s not interested in trying.

Well, okay then I thought.  That’s abrupt and too bad.  Ok, no problem, I told him and started to collect my cards.  One of great caretakers there suggested I go over to a different house where the sociable One lived and she would surely want to play and take Mr. Not Interested also, because he likes Resident Sociable One.  Okay let’s try that.

Wow!  What an incredible change in Mr. Not Interested!  Night and Day! It was a beautiful thing, really.  He and She were both interactive and engaged  with trying this new handshape formation coordinating with a 2D symbol.  Two participating residents are wonderful to work with anytime. We went through all of Level I and half of Level II.

The managers in each home were very supportive and felt it was quite worth the residents’ time and effort to come back again.



Creator of EyeCatch HandShape card challenge.
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